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Product Review – EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer & Repellent and BugZip®

Submitted by on June 3, 2011 – 12:00 am One Comment

The stories about bed bugs have permeated the nation’s conscious as surely as these little pests have taken over hotel rooms, luggage and the occasional unlucky traveler. Articles on how to kill bed bugs or at least prevent bringing them back home with you follow almost immediately. So when I found out I was headed to New York for a brief visit, I thought it was the perfect time to try out two new products: EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer & Repellent and BugZip® Luggage & Clothing Encasements.

Upon arrival to my hotel room, I took out my travel-sized bottle of EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer & Repellent, and started spraying according to the directions: around the base/legs of bed; in cracks/crevices of the bed frame, the headboard and footboard; around the nightstand, any wall hangings and along the floorboard adjacent to the bed; and around the location of where my luggage would be placed.

Although the label cautions those people who are sensitive to fragrances to take care because the product “contains plant oils that are inherently fragrant,” I was pleasantly surprised by the light scent that, for me, was reminiscent of wintergreen Lifesavers. I also noticed that there didn’t seem to be any residue left behind by the spray, which was great considering I sprayed a good dose of it on everything mentioned above.

Next, I set about putting my suitcase and backpack in the two medium-sized BugZip® Luggage & Clothing Encasements I brought along with me. Essentially, these are large, clear, heavy-duty vinyl bags. They reminded me of those bags that comforter sets come packaged in, only more of a rectangle shape. The medium-sized bag was more than large enough to hold my suitcase, which is a standard 24-inch carry-on bag. The second bag also had plenty of room for my backpack, jacket and shoes.

The only drawback I found to the BugZip® was the zipper itself. It can be very difficult to zip open and closed. In fact, this is addressed in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the BugZip® website, where it states that users should “use patience and caution” as well as both hands “when opening or closing BugZip® zippers.” I had such trouble with the zipper on one bag that it tore the bag, rendering it useless.

Another concern I had with BugZip® is the disclaimer on the website that “BugZip® is meant to be a one-time use disposable item. Recommended for one travel stay only for maximum effectiveness.” There was no real explanation on why this is, and I found it confusing considering how strong and sturdy the plastic is.

Overall, though, I was happy with the performance of both the EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer & Repellent and the BugZip® Luggage & Clothing Encasements. I never saw any sign of bed bugs during my visit to New York, nor have I seen any evidence that the little critters hitched a ride back home with me. If you are traveling soon and have concerns about bed bugs, I would recommend checking out these two products for yourself.

EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer & Repellent is available for purchase online at www.ecosmart.com, while BugZip® Luggage & Clothing Encasements can be purchased online at www.bugzip.com.

Thanks to EcoSMART and BugZip® for providing these products for review.

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  • Bryan Edwards says:

    I travel a lot for work. I travel about 6 months out of the year to Europe and China and unfortunately have brought back bed bugs back home twice. Fortunately I was able to spray down my bedroom with All Natural Eucoclean 3-in-1 and got rid of all my bed bugs at home. After bringing back bed bugs the second time, I purchased a travel size bottle of EcoSmart Bed Bug Killer & Repellent to spray down my luggage, I have not had any problems since.
    I have had the best of luck with these two products and recommend it to all my business friends whom also travel a lot.

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